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Thread: 1200cc Subaru Sambar Costing

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    Smile 1200cc Subaru Sambar Costing

    I am a novice just starting out and would like to get a 1200cc Subaru Sambar VW Mini Camper Replica. I am based in Vancouver, Canada and would like to know the typical costing for the following:

    1) Auction Cost
    2) Transportation Cost to Vancouver
    3) Any Specifics and Costs to Convert to local BC requirements
    4) Cost for BC Registration
    5) Vehicle Tax
    6) Any other unforseen Costs incurred

    If you are located in other parts of Canada or Northern USA, that would be great too.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Greetings from the UK.

    The 1200cc version is quite rare, it is called the 'Domingo. They do come up but I had to hunt for mine.

    The reason for this is that most Subaru small vans are built to qualify for a 'Kei Car' cerificate. Vehicles must be smaller than a certain footprint, but also an engine below 660cc. The road tax on these vehicles is substantialy lower. They squeeze a phenomenal amount of power from such small lumps, but they do run out of puff at about 55 - 60 mph.

    Make quite sure that the vehicle you buy is of a standard acceptable to you. Buy from a dealer who has a good track record, and make sure you have recourse if it is not so. It has taken a couple of months to get mine right and I am yet to have a full day of worry free driving! It is more fun than a barrel of monkeys round town, but on a run........

    Cruise the Japanese used car sites, goonet and get a feel for the price. There are cars with interior conversions, tricked out dashboards and bog standard interiors.

    Good luck


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