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Thread: Subaru Sambar Problems with Choke

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    Unhappy Subaru Sambar Problems with Choke

    Could anyone out there help me? I have a choke flap that is stuck open and will not move. it takes 3 to 4 turns of the ignition to start it and I am in warm weather right now... Winter will be bad. I have a 1993 Subaru Sambar Box Van kvn4 660 4 wheel drive 5 speed plus EL with AC. took it to my wifes mech. who does not work on these vech. and he said that the choke flap will not budge and he could see no adjustments for it.

    Hope this does not mean a new Carb. for me.

    Thanks for any info.
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    To the left of the intake mouth there is a cover plate with two screws attaching it. This is right next to the Choke pull of valve (Do not confuse with the large diaphragm TPS Valve on the right). Remove the cover and you will see white plastic bushings on the rod that protrudes from the carburetor body. These sometimes crack and lock up. These can be replaced. If that’s the case not so bad, if the shaft has warped you can not replace it. Just in case you need parts we just happed to have all…yes, including replacement carburetors and carburetor kits.

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