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Thread: Carburetor vacuum lines

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    Default Carburetor vacuum lines

    Had a buddy "help with a ethanol affected carb. He failed to mark the vacuum lines and now I am staring and guessing. Anyone have a diagram for the lines?

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    same issuesas mine.....up^^^

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    please try to search before making a new thread....

    hope this link would help....

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    dixx168, sorry man, but you got that all fubared. The "Acc-idle-increase" is not off the carb, but runs from the vacuum switches located on the left side of the engine "system".
    There are a few different configurations depending on if you have the "2" or the "4" manifold temp switch; choke "cross-over". But, the carb lines are indesputable. That is not correct.
    The carbs are, for some reason, set-up in a 2+3 or 3+2 configuration, flipping the "F" port from first to last. I don't know why. AND...any "after-market" type carb is set up in a 3+1 set-up, eliminating the EGR connection...For these guys I'd suggest "Ting" with the choke-line" prior to the temp switch.

    Please checkout this thread:
    We had a few guys working for a few days to solve the question "once and for all".
    I see that your particular truck has the EGR "controler" in-line with the EGR and I have seen this particular configuration in the .ru link.
    If you use google translate, and the sites' search engine with your vin#, you will find your "emissions" vacuum line routing...

    Good luck, you will find the answer here.
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