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Thread: Two damaged hoses on Hijet S110P. Both connect to frame.

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    Default Two damaged hoses on Hijet S110P. Both connect to frame.

    1995 Diahatsu Hijet S110P, 4x4, 5 speed.

    Last night about dark, on the passenger side, just behind the cab there is a flex hose. One end connects directly to the frame, the other one runs under the bed, over to the other side. There is a metal L shaped fitting in the middle of that hose that has rusted in two. That hose was rubbing against another smaller rubber hose that appears to be running to the distributor (it was covered with a rubber shield of some sort) with the other end connecting to the frame right next to the larger flex hose. I could see small blue sparks and when I grabbed it to move it, it shocked me (duh).

    So the bigger flex hose is in two pieces and the smaller rubber hose has a rather large hole rubbed in it.

    The truck runs, but seems sluggish after third gear. I just got the truck so I have no idea what "normal" power should be.

    At any rate. What are those two hoses? It's hard to order replacements when you don't know what they are or what they are called.


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    It sounds like the larger hoses are heater hoses that run from the exhaust system to the air intake that preheat intake air.If the blue sparks are coming from the smaller hose it is either a spark plug wire or coil wire and will affect performance dramatically.If it is a small hose it is a vacuum line and will also affect performance especially if it goes to the distributor as that would be the vacuum advance hose

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    Thanks. The small hose must be the vacuum line. The reason I was getting a spark was because one of the plug wires was off of the distibutor cap.

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