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Thread: Mini Dealer In Conway, Arkansas

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    Exclamation Mini Dealer In Conway, Arkansas

    Just ran across this guy on eBay. He goes by ricknjets2000. He's selling the English Factory Suzuki manuals (available on Lulu for $16) for $110.00 . What a guy! He also claims he's given them "free" to everyone that bought a truck from him. Unless he just started selling mini's last week he's lying. The manuals were just printed and sold in April.

    If you are looking for a truck in Arkansas I'd avoid this scam artist in Conway.

    Another person selling the manuals for way over the face value on eBay is swoopin24. Don't buy ANYTHING from these scam artists!
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    You sent me a harrasing email then post. You know this is a lover's spat. I can't belive I ever registerd to respond to you. Even like it your business amymore. (You dumped me last month). I told you I paid $50.00 I had no idea they were ever 16.00 and on Lulu they are 24.95. Get your facts straight. I've got the books on a best offer. If I put 50.00 then they offer 25.00. Honey please come home and lets talk about this.. I miss you... Oh by the way RPM is my girlfriend..Ronna

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    Hmm......Let's just call this done.
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