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Thread: Valve Lash on 1994 Hijet

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    Default Valve Lash on 1994 Hijet

    I see most people suggest to adjust valve lash for a flooding out Hijet when starting. Is there any lash recommendations and what other things can I try.

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    i'm not sure what motor you have, but i used the search function up top, and came up with this. it's for a later twin cam motor though. i remember someone listing what the valve clearance should be, but didn't have enough time to search for it thoroughly. i think the intakes have less lash than the exhaust, and know you have to set the clearance when the motor is cold.

    there are three things to make a motor run, fuel, spark and air. you know you have fuel, too much in fact. if your engine is flooding i would check the needle and seat to make sure there isn't a chunk of crap in there keeping them from sealing, check your float level, and make sure that you are getting a hot enough spark to ignite the fuel. if it's not sparking you are going to have just a whole bunch of raw fuel loading up in the cylinder... you should also make sure your air filter is clean and allowing enough air in there to ignite.
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