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Thread: Where to buy a Japanese Mini Truck?

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    William Guest

    Default Where to buy a Japanese Mini Truck?

    How do you find a dealer who sells these little trucks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by William View Post
    How do you find a dealer who sells these little trucks?

    Well your in the right place. look at the banner ads at the top of the screen for starters

    But im sure your comment alone will attract dealers. This site is the best place to post a need for a truck.

    EDIT:the best place, being this web site, not this particular thread. Either way, looks like your new here so welcome to the forum, enjoy.
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    Mr. Obvious Guest


    I did a google search. Just type in Japanese minitrucks and you will find the dealer I bought mine from.

    Also can check out sponsors page. Some are still selling trucks. Some just sell parts. Some sell old. Some sell new. Some haven't sold much of either in a while so there new inventory is old.

    Good luck.

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    First check the sponsor, then check the map to see who's close to you.
    -Kevin O'Neil

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    Might be a good idea to let people know what part of the world you're in to help narrow it down a little. Maybe someone local to you can make a first hand recommendation (or warning).

    Contact me for all your Mini Truck needs in North Texas

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